5 Oral Care Products To Start Using Today

Feb 05 , 2023

Let’s face it, one of the best fashion statements one can make today is a beautiful smile. A healthy mouth will also prevent serious illnesses, such as heart disease or gum recession. In this blog post, I have outlined five oral care products that you should consider using, (if you have not started using them already).

1. Teeth Whitening Kit

Coffee drinkers and smokers know the pain of keeping their teeth nice and white. This struggle is also true for people who avoid caffeine and nicotine - keeping a shiny white smile is hard. Why struggle alone? Oral hygiene products like the YAAD Smile teeth whitening kit is made to help everyday people achieve pearly white smiles overnight, in as little as one or two applications. Best of all you can purchase the desensitizing filling gel to top up your whitening kit for future uses, ensuring you keep your teeth brilliant for months and years to come.

2. Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

    Teeth whitening toothpaste or ‘tooth whiteners’ as they are sometimes called are toothpaste that helps whiten teeth by several shades over time with prolonged use. While they don’t deliver results as quickly as a teeth whitening kit, teeth whitening toothpaste are useful oral care products, especially for those with sensitive teeth. One of the best teeth whitening toothpaste on the market is our Yaad Smiles Activated Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste

    3. Dental Floss

      Any dentist worth a grain of salt will tell you that you should be flossing! And no not in the ‘flossin and showing off to the world’ way. You should be using dental floss or a water floss device to floss between your teeth and clear out hidden food and debris.

      As one of the few universally dentist-recommended teeth care products, flossing regularly has many other benefits that you may have missed, such as:

      • Helps to remove bacteria that causes bad breath more effectively than just brushing
      • Keeps plaque from below your gumline and prevent tartar buildup
      • Reduces your risk of cavities forming
      • Stops gingivitis, which sometimes progresses into periodontitis
      • Keeps your gums healthy

      4. Anti Bacterial Mouth Wash

      A good anti bacterial mouth wash is always recommended to keep your mouth pristine and as germ-free as humanly possible. If you complete the oral hygiene trinity of brushing, flossing and rinsing at least once per day, you are almost certain to keep your mouth smelling good, and keep mouth and gum disease at bay. Some anti bacterial mouth wash come with alcohol, some are alchol free, some are peroxide based, while others are only available by prescription from your dentist.

      5. Sonicare Toothbrush

        The Sonicare toothbrush is one of the best teeth cleaning products on the market. While they come in varying models and price ranges, these electronic toothbrushes give your teeth, gum and tongue the cleaning they deserve! Some models come with changeable brush heads, a convenient travel case, charging port and multiple speeds/settings so you can customize your brushing experience. Most models are compatible with the smartphone app, and are highly recommended by customers who purchased them and love Sonicare toothbrushes dearly.

        If you are looking to truly invest in the best oral care products, you should definitely invest in Sonicare.

        To Wrap It Up - 5 Crucial Oral Care Products

        And there you have it, my list of 5 oral care products you should start using today (if you haven’t already). To recap the list, we have teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening toothpaste, dental floss, anti bacterial mouthwash and last but not least, the Sonicare toothbrush.

        I hope this quick blog post has taught you even one new piece of information, or at the very least started you on the journey towards a better, brighter smile. If you need help along this journey, check out the ever improving store at Yaad Smiles to see what they have in stock.